In the framework of the implementation of the project “Rehabilitation of a coastal wall in the NAK position, platforms, pavements and barriers of the Garitsa coastal avenue – New Convention” from the following days, traffic regulations will be implemented in the coastal village of Garitsa, namely:

– Monorail of Democracy Avenue from the Douglas Column to the junction with Academia Street towards the center.
– At the crossroads of Eleftheria and Akadimias streets, the left turn will not be allowed.
– Carriages heading towards the airport – Garitsa, will have to travel through Radostas MP and Alexandras Street, while pedestrian traffic will be done exclusively from the western sidewalk.
– Parking is strictly forbidden in this section of the pedestrian.

Drivers are kindly requested to follow the new signs and instructions of the Traffic Police.
A more recent announcement will be announced by the Peripheral Unit of Corfu that the exact date of commencement of traffic regulations will be announced.